Western Water Management Tile Drainage Services

Well-Equipped Earthworks Company for Irrigation Solutions

Locally owned and operated in Outlook, Saskatchewan for generations.

About Us

Our in-house engineers use the most advanced methods for designing water management solutions that are installed using industry-leading equipment. It is of high priority for us to help producers become more environmentally responsible regarding water drainage and usage while sustaining healthy and profitable land.

Valley Center Pivot in Field Saskatchewan Canada

Our Story

Western Water Management is a full service Valley Irrigation dealership providing cutting edge irrigation and tile drainage solutions. Grown from a family owned business, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products and services.

Our Team

Arlin Simonson Headshot

Arlin Simonson

Manager - Irrigation Sales and Project Management

Chad McLachlan Headshot

Chad McLachlan

Irrigation Solutions Professional

Myra Garrett Headshots

Myra Garrett

Accounting Specialist

Dennis Penner Headshot

Dennis Penner

Parts Manager

Lloyd Lockwood Headshot

Lloyd Lockwood

Parts Specialist

Brock Simonson Headshot

Brock Simonson

Drainage Specialist/Project Manager

Jay Simonson Headshot

Jay Simonson

Irrigation Specialist/Project Manager

Eetu Pirness Headshot

Eetu Pirness

Irrigation Service Technician/Journeyman Electrician

Headshot Thomas Pacquette

Thomas Paquette

Irrigation Service Technician/Journeyman Electrician

Michael Macleod Headshot

Michael Macleod

Pivot Tech

Camdyn Dawe Headshot

Camdyn Dawe

Pivot Tech

Jake Wall Headshot

Jake Wall

Pipeline/Drainage Lead Hand

Juston Senek Headshot

Juston Senek

Pipeline/Drainage Equipment Operator

Travis Simonson Headshot

Travis Simonson

Pipeline/Drainage Equipment Operator

James Pacquette Headshot

James Paquette

Pipeline/Drainage Tech

Martin Dyck Headshot

Martin Dyck