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Tile Drainage

Tile drainage removes excess water from the surface and subsurface of the soil by installing tubes beneath the ground that draw and channel water to designated outlets where it enters an approved drainage system. For 50+ years, tile drainage has been an effective method of land improvement in North America, significantly increasing agricultural productivity and land value.

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Two People performing Tile Drainage Services in Saskatchewan, Canada


From installation of systems using Valley Irrigation’s state-of-the-art technology to servicing all makes and models of irrigation equipment, our expert technicians help you get the most out of your fields with irrigation management.

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Valley Center Pivot in Field Saskatchewan Canada


With multiple chain trenchers and excavators, we’re equipped for any trenching project. From a pipe two inches in diameter up to 42 inches, we install it.

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Our factory trained technicians can diagnose and service any make and model irrigation system. From winterizing your equipment to annual inspections and urgent service calls, our experts are ready to assist you.

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Technical Services

From the start of your irrigation system install or tile drainage project, we assist with regulatory requirements to get the project started. We conduct soil testing with access to a lab to determine the suitability for irrigation. We also collect LidDAR data to look at the topographical area to identify if there is a natural path for water to drain.

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Electrical Contracting

Whether you need electrical installed as part of your irrigation install or wiring a home, we can do both and everything in between. We have licensed electricians on staff to assist any electrical project large or small.

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