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Technical Services

Soil testing and topographical data to ensure your water management project starts off right.

Soil Testing and LiDAR

From the start of your irrigation system install or tile drainage project, we assist with regulatory requirements to get the project started. We conduct soil testing with access to a lab to determine the suitability for irrigation. We also collect LidDAR data to look at the topographical area to identify if there is a natural path for water to drain.

Benefits of LidDAR Data

LiDar Data Technical Services Western Water Management


Generates instantaneous measurements accurate up to a centimeter.

LiDar Data 3D Mapping Technical Services

3D Mapping

Can be easily converted into 3D maps to understand the environment.

LiDAR Data Low Light Technical Services

Low Light Performance

LidDAR is unaffected by light variations, and performs well in low light conditions.

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The first step to irrigation system install is testing the soil to determine its suitability for irrigation. We are able to collect and analyze the soil. For tile drainage projects, we start with LidDAR data to create a topographical map of the area to identify any natural paths for water to drain.

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We handle all pieces of the regulatory process and coordinate logistics.

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Water management projects begin once the soil is analyzed and topographical data is reviewed.

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