Flotation & Traction

Valley 4-Wheel Articulating Drive

Articulating 4-Wheel Drive

The Valley® Articulating 4-Wheel Drive is designed to conform to your field, making deep wheel ruts and stuck pivots a thing of the past.

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Articulating Track Drive

When your fields are both hilly and muddy, irrigation can become even more challenging. The Valley® Articulating Track Drive is designed to conform to field conditions so your pivot keeps running.

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Valley 4-Wheel Track Drive

Track Drive

The Valley® Track Drive is a flotation solution designed to keep your Model 8000 center pivot moving, no matter the field conditions.

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Valley 3-Wheel Drive

3-Wheel Drive

Built as our "better" option among three drive options, our 3-Wheel Drive is proven to keep your pivot moving in more challenging areas where downtime isn't an option.

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Valley Standard Drive Unit

Standard Drive Unit

Our standard drive unit is designed to perform, keeping your pivot running smoothly season after season.

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