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Tile Drainage

Sustain healthy and profitable land with environmentally responsible water drainage.

What is tile drainage?

Tile drainage removes excess water from the surface and subsurface of the soil by installing tubes beneath the ground that draw and channel water to designated outlets where it enters an approved drainage system. For 50+ years, tile drainage has been an effective method of land improvement in North America, significantly increasing agricultural productivity and land value.

Benefits of Tile Drainage

Field of Wheat

Increased Yields

Removing excess water creates an optimum environment for strong root growth, allowing plants to thrive during late-summer stress. Studies have shown a minimum yield increase of 20% with the installation of tile drainage.

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Improved Field Conditions

Lowers water table to provide ideal seeding conditions, reduces soil compaction issues, reduces runoff and erosion, and keeps soil and nutrients in your field.

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Better Soil Health

Tile drainage acts as a source of aeration and increases oxygen in saturated soils, which increases microbial activity that’s crucial for root development.

Service Process

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After consultation, our in-house engineers utilize topographic LidDAR data and advanced drainage-specific technology to determine possible solutions for each project.

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All drainage projects in Saskatchewan must be approved by the Water Security Agency (WSA). We will assist with and complete the drainage application for appropriate permits on our client’s behalf.

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We’re equipped with the heavy machinery and experienced team needed to install your tile drainage system. From pipe 4 inches in diameter to 15 inches, we can install it up to 7 feet deep.

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